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Bird Flight are seeking to collaborate with a broad range of production, finance and distribution partners. 

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Clare Hardwick

With extensive, hands-on experience across all levels of production at a variety of budget levels, the Bird Flight team are available to join projects that require a practical, on set producer, production supervisor or production services company in the UK.

Bird Flight also offers production consultancy; offering advice including analysis of budgets and schedules throughout development, packaging and financing stages, tailored to suit individual companies’ or projects’ needs.

This service provides a detailed analysis of schedules, budgets and production plans to help companies interrogate their efficacy, to better serve the economy of an individual film.

Recent projects and partners 


As part of its Culture in Quarantine series, the BBC commissioned Jade Anouka to write and direct a film, which she shot entirely at home with her phone camera during lockdown. All the music was composed and performed by Grace Savage. 

Bird Flight's Lizzie Brown joined the project as production consultant to remotely guide Jade through the process of shooting.  

"Thankfully, I have a good friend who’s a film producer (Lizzie Brown of Bird Flight Films) and she came on as production consultant, guided me through and absolutely saved us with a shooting schedule, taking into consideration costume changes, set dressing, lighting set up, etc. – things I couldn’t get my head around how to even begin working out." - Jade Anouka talking to BACKSTAGE magazine 

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
Directed by Frank Marshall 
Produced by Nigel Sinclair, Mark Munroe and Jeanne Elfant Festa.
Supervising Producer Aly Parker 
Bird Flight provided full end to end production in the UK including budgeting, accounting, crewing and international delivery for three shooting blocks over six months, based in London and Edinburgh. 
Directed by Kief Davidson
Bird Flight took on full UK production services for the project, which included two blocks over two months.  Working to an extreme timeline due to the evolving and breaking news content.  Services included full end to end production, including budgeting, accounting, crewing and international delivery.  


Bird Flight Films is proudly supported by the BFI's Film Fund 

Vision Award 2020